AI TigerSTOR is very success for light AI with OPENVINO solution.

Now, We design GEN 2, for more AI solution partner. Gen 2 have support more powerful AI, based on Gen 1 performance, we try to enable more AI solution with more AI function to let SI to integrate with their AI inside. Now, we can add NVidia, Hailo-8, intel ARC baord to enlarger computing power.

AI Tiger EDGE (AI BOX) : AI EDGE SERVER for Nx Witness

Mini Server, integrate a very powerful NPU inside, can be an powerful edge AI box, (AI NPU performance for 40Tops@INT4/10Tops@INT8), support HDMI output and 2 SATA ports, Tiger Edge also build-in an powerful VPU, support 1080P@32ch H.265 decoding performance.

Under developingplease wait a moment~~